A Review of Patient Satisfaction with Queue Management During Covid-19 Pandemic. Empirical Evidence from Federal Medical Centre Gusau.


  • Shamsuddeen Suleiman(PhD) Department of Mathematical Sciences, Federal University, Dutisn-Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria.
  • Muhammad Sani Burodo Department of Business Administration and Management Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State, Nigeria.
  • AbdulAziz Maruf Adeniran (PhD) Department of Business Administration, Federal University Gusau, Zamfara State, Nigeria.




Covid-19, Waiting Line, Multi-server Queuing theory, Queuing management, service quality, Pandemic, Public Hospital, Over Crowdedness, patient satisfaction


The purpose of this study was to determine how well Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Gusau manage queue during COVID-19 pandemic in relation to patient satisfaction. The study used primary data through questionnaire where a sample of 270 registered patients in this hospital were randomly selected and provided with the questionnaires to answer questions but only 268copies of questionnaires were retrieved. The research was conducted between September, 2020 and October, 2020. Queue management was studied using waiting time for service, the waiting environment conditions and service quality in relation to customer satisfaction. Regression analysis was employed in analysing data for the study. The findings indicated that a significant percentage of the patients were dissatisfied with the way queues were managed at Federal Medical Centre Gusau. The results from the regression analysis shows that all the three dimensions of service quality have significant effect with the patient’s satisfaction. While service quality, and waiting environment were positively correlated overall satisfaction patients towards service provided at the hospital, but the waiting time had negative effect on the patients’ satisfaction.


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